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Drip Irrigation System

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Drip Irrigation System

We are one of the major Automatic Drip Irrigation System Suppliers in Malvan. Jain Drip Irrigation Systems, offered by us, employ drop by drop technique of water supply directly to the roots of the plant. Our specially designed Multi-Drip Irrigation Systems save about 60% of water, and highly economical as they save irrigation and labor costs. The Automatic Drip Irrigation System, provided by us, helps in the maintenance of fertility of soil and provides proper aeration to the plant roots, which increase the growth of plants. The facility of supplying fertilizers provided by our irrigation systems has cemented our place among the prime Automatic Drip Irrigation System Suppliers in Malvan.

Features :
  • Drop by drop technique
  • Water supply
  • directly to the roots
  • Saves about 60% of water
  • Saves irrigation and labour cost
  • Provides proper aeration to the plant roots
  • Increases the growth of plants
  • Direct supply of fertilizer to the roots
Technical Specifications :
  • Drippers : 2 lph, 4 lph, 8 lph, 14 lph
  • Inline Tube :
    • Diameter : 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm.
    • Dripper Spacing : 10cm,20cm, 30cm, 40cm,50cm,60 cm, 75cm & 90cm.
    • Discharge : 1.2 lph, 1.4 lph, 2.4 lph, 4 lph.
  • Valves : 20mm, 25mm, 32 mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm.110mm
  • Filters : 3 m3/hr, 7 m3/hr,12 m3/hr,25 m3/hr40 m3/hr,50 m3/hr
  • Fertigation Unit : 30 lit, 60 lit, 90 lit,120 lit & 160 lit
Raw Materials Used :
  • Dripers : Vergin Plastic, Silicon, Rubber
  • Inline Tube : Special Vergin Plastic
  • Valves : High Performance Rigid PVC Compound
  • Filters : Mild Steel,Rainforced Engineering Plastic & High Quality Steel.
  • Fertigation Unit : Mild steel & Engineering plastic
Colors : Black, Blue, Red & Green

Price : Rs 685.00 to Rs 8000.00 (Rates varies according to type of unit,material used)

Packaging : Available in Box Packaging, Pocket Packing & in Bundells.

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